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Starboard Inflatable Wind/SUP with Windsurf Rig

Board/Rig Size: 12 Atlas with 4.8m Rig

Price:   $ 1,898.00   $ 1,449.00  
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Board/Rig Size: 12 Atlas with 5.8m Rig

Price:   $ 1,948.00   $ 1,499.00  
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Starboard Inflatable Windsurf Paddle Board with Kona Windsurf Rig

Starboard sets the standard for inflatable paddle boards that can also be windsurfed. This package combines the Starboard Zen construction inflatable wind/sup board in several different size options with an easy to rig and easy to use sail from Kona. The whole family will have a great time paddling or windsurfing on a board that is comfortable to stand on, light to carry to the water, and has great glide. The Kona wind/sup rig is easy to put together, propels the board  nicely even in light wind and has a fun look with the window cut-outs in the shape of a hibiscus flower.

Board Options:
11'2" Blend is 11'2" long x 32" wide. The traditional all-around shape is quite stable even for adult-sized beginners and the center fin help you track up wind when windsurfing.

11'6 Touring is 11'" long x 30" wide. The narrower touring shape has better glide through the water than the Blend, but not quite as stable. If you already have a little paddling and/or windsurfing experience or will be mostly in flat water this is a great option.

12' Atlas is 12' long x 33" wide. Super stable in a variety of water conditions, the Atlas is great for bigger people or if you know the kids will all want to be on it at once!

Kona Wind/SUP Rig:
Comes with sail, mast, boom, uphaul and mast base. The mast breaks down in to three pieces for easy storage and transport. Choose the 5.8m size for bigger people or those that already know how to windsurf. The 4.8m size is great for beginners.