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Starboard Rio Long Tail w/ Aerotech Motion Rig

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Motion sail color varies, please call us at 727-656-6569 for special requests.

Starboard Rio Long Tail w/ Aerotech Motion Rig

This is a great combo for any entry level to intermediate windsurfer who wants stability and a great ride! The Starboard Rio is stable, forgiving, glides really well in light winds, and can plane up in high winds. Truly a windsurfing board that allows you to progress from day 1 to sailing in a harness to getting into the footstraps! The Rio comes with Starboard's ArmourTech construction- an extremely tough and durable build that was meant to last as you learn to progress. This technology uses layers of three dimensional glass mat wetted out with an expanding epoxy resin system that creates volume within the skin as it cures under pressure and adds an ASA skin shell on top.

The 2018 Aerotech Motion Rig gives you high quality beginner gear at a great price! Both sails are slightly shorter than standard 5.5m or 6.5m sails which allows them both to fit on a 400cm mast. This makes the sail lighter and easier to handle for the progressing or beginner windsurfer. The sail is composed of 100% x-ply for a lightweight durable rig. The Motion comes with the sail, mast, boom, uphaul, outhaul, mast base and extension. The Motion sails are brightly colored giving you great visibility on the water-another added benefit for beginning windsurfers! Each rig package also comes equipped with a an oversized bag that fits the entire rig and all components so it easy to take your kit to and from the water.

If you are just getting into windsurfing, we offer beginner to advanced lessons in St. Pete Beach area close to Clearwater and Tampa, FL!