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Used Kona Hula and 4.5m Nova Rig


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Save hundreds of dollars by buying a used Kona Hula and 4.5 Nova Rig!

The Kona Hula sets a new standard for a board that is easier than ever to learn to windsurf on! It is stable for learning, has great glide across the water in light winds and will allow you to learn to sail in higher winds and use the footstraps as well.  At almost 90cm wide and over 250 liters of volume, this is a fantastic board for bigger folks learning to windsurf.  We've been using it in our lesson program, and there is nothing better for a 250 lbs plus beginner to learn how to windsurf on.
This Kona Hula is in decent condition with a bit of ware and a few repairs.

The Bic Nova rig is great for recreational sailing on flat water.  It is simple, light, and strong - this rig allows you to learn the basics of windsurfing and improve your skills. The components on this rig are very durable and can be counted on as you put them to the test in your beginning stages of windsurfing. The sail is made out of tough dacron material which also takes on a great shape in light wind to get you going. The mast and boom are fixed lengths so there is no complications added to rigging your sail- you just downhaul to the base and attach the front end and outhaul of the boom and you are ready to go windsurfing!
This Nova Rig is pristine with the previous owner maybe using it once.

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