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Windsurfer LT School w/ Action Rig Package

Size: 4.0

Price:  $ 1,707.00 
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Size: 4.7

Price:  $ 1,732.00 
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Size: 5.4

Price:  $ 1,764.00 
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Size: 6.2

Price:  $ 1,779.00 
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Windsurfer LT School w/ Action Rig Package

The new Windsurfer LT is the replacement to the original Windsurfer.  The board is wide, lighter and higher volume than the original also functioning as a standup paddle board.  The board is ideal for One Design racing all around cruising, entry level use, and SUP.  The windsurfer LT keeps all of the fun of the original board but with many modern improvements like 3/4 EVA deck plus light stiff construction and a modern daggerboard and power box. 

School - Slightly shorter with more deck pad coverage make this ideal board for learning.  The carry handles on the nose and tail make it easy for beginners to get the board to the water, and the added width gives plenty of stability without cutting down on the longboard-glide sensation that gets everyone hooked on the sport. 

Action Rig - The Action continues as Aerotech's Dacron freeride sail.  This sail is ideal when maximum durability is crucial.  The all-Dacron construction and vinyl window make this sail perfect for rental and school us.  With its full battens and slalom cut this model will perform very well for your recreational customer or resort guest.  All rig packages come with complete with sail, mast, boom, uphaul, outhaul, base and extension.