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Severne Blue Line T8 Aluminum Boom


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Severne Blue Line T8 Aluminum Boom

The Severne Blue Line boom is made from super strong T8 aluminum, and the monocoque construction means there are no weak spots and the boom is super stiff. This comes in a standard 29mm grip diameter compared to the Severne Metal Aluminum boom at 26mm grip diameter. Durable grip without logos or seams means that your boom will stay intact longer while you windsurf your heart out. Severne uses a single, solid piece of EVA with reinforced areas to give you a longer lasting and reliable boom even through the toughest rigging conditions.

The Blue Line T8 Alloy comes in variable profiles based on the sizes:Wave profile in the smallest size, freeride profile in the middle size and race profile in the largest size. You also get 60cm of adjustable length in the tail piece for maximum range and Severne's SDM lockjaw front end for the highest performance and connection to your windsurfing rig.

All sizes are compatible with standard diameter masts. You can purchase the RDM lockjaw to use with reduced diameter masts.