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Aeron MCT 29 Boom

Size: 150

Price:  $ 220.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 175

Price:  $ 220.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 200

Price:  $ 250.00 
Out of Stock

Size: 160

Price:  $ 220.00 
Out of Stock
The 200-250cm size requires extra shipping costs.  Call us for more info at 727.656.6569.
Sizes: 140-190cm, 150-200cm, 175-225cm, 200-250cm, 160-210cm


Aeron MCT 29 Aluminum Windsurfing Boom

This Aeron boom introduces one of the stiffest windsurfing booms on the market. The Aeron MCT 29 is your go to windsurfing boom if you are looking for a strong, responsive boom at a good price to go with your sailboard and rig. This boom is constructed of full monocoque T8 aluminum which provides the best possible stiffness to strength ratio due to a unique alloy tempering process. This gives you optimized rig control and a smooth and responsive feel. At a 29mm grip, the MCT 29 feels nice in your hands and even better while windsurfing! 

This well-designed windsurfing boom also includes a removable front-end shim so it will work well with either a standard diameter or reduced diameter windsurfing mast. The MCT boom front end features a wider mast cup that provides the ultimate flex-stiffness ratio and has a better connection with zero slippage. This means no unruly movement of the boom while you are trying to uphaul your sail! Other features to this awesome boom include:

  • Head : With the alloy version, the head is assembled over a high density over molded rubber part to ensure the maximum rigidity while giving grip while rig handling close to the mast cup. 
  • Grip Texture : The EVA is thermally formed to produce a texture to improve grip and comfort simultaneously.
  • STD Tail Housing : Double Riveted.
  • New , the Triple pulley cleatable tail is also compatible with adjustable outhaul systems.
  • Adjustment: The single pin U clip is secured over a stainliess pin-this ensures the part has the same locking function even as the boom ages-There is no looseness due to wearing of parts.


140-190 29mm
150-250 29mm
160-210 29mm
175-225 29mm