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Duotone EPX. Carbon Boom

Size: 140

Price:  $ 599.95 
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Size: 175

Price:  $ 699.95 
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Size: 190

Price:  $ 799.95 
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Call for 727.656.6569 if you aren't sure if this boom will work for you.

Sizes: 140-190cm, 175-225cm, 190-250cm

Duotone EPX. 100% Carbon Boom

Who says carbon booms can't be affordable? With this new 100% carbon boom from Duotone you get the same performance at an affordable price that wont break your wallet.  The EPX. Carbon boom is largely identical to most carbon booms on the market making it a great pick compared to more costly carbon booms.  One of the great things about this boom is the design choice, unlike most booms that are circular in shape and a smaller in diameter the EPX. Carbon boom is made with a tear drop shape that is larger in diameter but fits very comfortably in your hands.  Another feature of the 175-225cm is the larger diameter of the boom towards the clue end which provides plenty of stability when sailing and works as a nice marker for hand positioning.

Boom Lengths:

  • 140-190 comes with 24.5mm tubes and new school bend curve for wave freestyle usage
  • 175-225 comes with 29/30mm tubes, hybrid bend curve and wide tail end for freeride - and smaller slalom/race sails
  • 190-250 comes with 29/30mm tubes, race/slalom bend curve for large slalom/race sails