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Duotone Platinum Boom

Size: 140

Price:  $ 799.95 
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Size: 150

Price:  $ 819.95 
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Size: 160

Price:  $ 839.95 
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Size: 170

Price:  $ 989.95 
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Size: 190

Price:  $ 1,219.95 
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Size: 240

Price:  $ 1,329.95 
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Fits RDM or SDM masts with integrated shim.

Sizes: 140-190cm, 150-200cm, 160-220cm, 170-230cm, 190-250cm, 240-290cm

Duotone Platinum Windsurfing Boom

This boom is for the windsurfer who demands excellence from their gear. The Duotone (formerly North) Platinum boom is a 100% carbon boom made with prepreg carbon for strength and durability. This also helps Duotone achieve a great weight to stiffness ratio that is highly sought after in the windsurfing world.
The Platinum boom comes in 3 different models: wave-freestyle, wave-freeride, and slalom/race. The smaller booms in the wave freestyle construction offers easy handling and even pull on both the front and back hand. These features make them very forgiving and a ton of fun to use in waves or for your favorite freestyle moves. (No promise you will windsurf like Gollito, but getting this boom could get you one step closer!) The Wave-Freeride style was developed for sails in the 4.5m - 7.8m range and gives you a light-weight, easy to handle grip so you can master those duck jibes and heli-tacks. The Slalom/Race series have a standard race/slalom curve and reinforced tail to maintain stiffness and control of your big slalom windsurfing sails.

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