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North Sails Silver HD Boom


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North Sails Silver Windsurfing Boom (Aluminum)

The North Sails Silver HD series boom is a top pick for aluminum windsurfing booms. The Silver series boasts itself as one of the lightest and most advanced booms in its class. This windsurfing boom is made from 7075 (high-grade) aluminum and has a very durable outer protection grip. The designs are simple on the grip which makes it less likely to have tear and wear spots, especially where your hands and harness lines go. The Silver boom uses North's light iFront 2.0 front end which is very easy to attach to the windsurfing mast.

This boom is available in 5 different sizes and a few bend shapes that optimize the conditions you sail in; you can easily find the right boom to rig with your windsurfing kit whether its waves you are looking for or high performance speed. The smaller sizes of this boom (140cm, 150cm, 160cm) come with a reduced diameter grip of 28mm. The larger sizes (180cm, 220cm) come with a 30mm grip.

The Silver series boom is an all-around great aluminum boom that gives you high performance, extreme durability at a low cost. North is so confident in this windsurfing boom that it comes with a unconditional 2 year warranty!

North Sails Silver Windsurfing Boom Specifications