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Severne Enigma Carbon Boom (2020)

Size: 140

Price:  $ 749.00 
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Size: 150

Price:  $ 799.00 
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Size: 190

Price:  $ 1,329.00 
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Size: 210

Price:  $ 1,439.00 
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Call for 727.656.6569 if you aren't sure if this boom will work for you.

Sizes: 140-190, 150-200, 160-210, 170-220, 180-230, 190-240, 210-260, 240-290

Severne Enigma Carbon Windsurfing Boom

The Severne Enigma carbon boom sets a new standard for carbon windsurfing booms.  They are the lightest, stiffest, and most durable booms ever made.  With specific profiles for wave, slalom, and formula, you can get the best boom to rig with your windsurfing kit! The Enigma boom is only a 25mm grip diameter in the wave sizes. They are also one of the smallest grip diameter booms available which make sail handling a breeze and lighten up your rig quite a bit. Severne has also taken all the small details into consideration when designing this boom: the boom grip is extremely durable and was made with no seams like other brands. This eliminates weak spots in the grip that are likely to lift, fall out or tear.

The wave boom profile is wider in the front, great for catching the boom in manuevers and narrower towards the tail to keep the sail close for power control and faster responses. The Freeride profile is wider with more parallel grip positions that allow the sail to take deep pocketed shapes.

This boom has quickly become one of our shop favorites for wave sailing, freestyle, and flat water freeride windsurfing! With all its awesomeness, this is the only boom you are going to want to use!  *The wave sizes (140cm and 150cm) will only work on a rdm (reduced diameter mast). If you have a standard diameter mast, you will need to purchase the SDM lockjaw boom front end separately.


  • Faster Rig Response
  • Sail for longer with less fatigue at a much higher level
  • Maximum durability in a premium package