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Severne Metal Boom V2

Size: 140cm

Price:  $ 265.00 
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Size: 150cm

Price:  $ 265.00 
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Size: 160cm

Price:  $ 275.00 
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Size: 170cm

Price:  $ 285.00 
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Aluminum boom
140cm and 150cm sizes fit RDM masts
160cm and 170cm sizes fit SDM masts

Sizes: 140-190cm, 150-200cm, 160-210cm, 170-220cm

Severne Metal Wave T8 Aluminum Boom

Designed for lighter riders with a reduced diameter grip (26mm) for comfort, the Severne Metal windsurfing boom combines performance with a great price.  The T8 aluminum body with a monocoque design gives you the stiffest aluminum boom you can get.  The lockjaw front end is easy to use and has maximum contact with the mast, the smaller sizes come with an RDM front end while the 160cm size fits standard diameter windsurfing masts.

The wider front makes it easier to catch during maneuvers and the narrower rear design keeps riders closer to the power source for a faster response. The boom is gripped using a single, solid piece of EVA therefore eliminating any aesthetic seams.

Key Features
Lock Jaw Front End
26 mm grip diameter
T8 monocoque construction
Uni-grip EVA