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Starboard Aluminum Freeride Foil


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Starboard Aluminum Freeride Windsurf Foil

The Starboard Freeride model is one of the most accessible windsurf foils on the market! At an affordable cost, you get a solid setup to get you flying in no time! The Aluminum Freeride foil uses a shorter aluminum mast (29.5" compared to 32"+ for other masts) providing a lower and more easily controlled flight. The shorter mast also gives you access to foil in shallower water where you may not otherwise sail with standard foil masts. You get great foil performance from the 100% carbon front and back wings. Starboard offered up their thickest carbon wings for the Freeride model increasing the stiffness for better stability, smooth acceleration, and control while flying across the water.

To keep prices reasonable, the Freeride foil uses an aluminum fuselage. This has proven to be stiffer, stronger, and more torsionally rigid than carbon fuselages because of the solid, circular cross-section design. An additional benefit to any Starboard windsurf foil is their modular system which allows you to change, replace, or upgrade your foil to match your progressing skills and the wind conditions.


  • Mast: Aluminum 75cm
  • Fuselage: Aluminum 75cm
  • Front Wing: 100% Pre-Preg Toray Carbon 1100cm2
  • Tail Wing: 100% Pre-Preg Toray Carbon 500cm2
  • Fits Deep Tuttle Fin Box

Starboard Aluminum Freeride Foil

We have several other foils in stock and also offer windsurfing foil lessons near St. Petersburg, FL! Come check us out or give us a call with any foiling questions!