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Chinook 80% Carbon Mast SDM

Size: 400

Price:  $ 379.00 
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Size: 430

Price:  $ 398.00 
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Size: 460

Price:  $ 419.00 
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Size: 490

Price:  $ 459.00 
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If you're not sure this mast will work with your sail, give us a call at 727-656-6569!

Chinook 80% Carbon SDM Windsurfing Mast

Expect performance and a durable yet light weight feel in your hands with the Chinook 80% Carbon fiber SDM (standard diameter) mast. This is a 2-piece, standard diameter windsurfing mast made up of 80% carbon fiber and composite material. The blend of carbon to composite provide a responsive and crisp feel to your rig.  At 80% carbon content, your windsurfing mast becomes lighter and easier to maneuver. The remaining 20% composite material allows this mast to be more durable compared to a 100% carbon mast.

The Chinook 80% SDM mast has constant curve bend characteristics which work perfectly with the majority of sails on the market. This is a great mast option for someone who wants high performance in their windsurfing rig at a better cost than the higher carbon content options. This mast also provides excellent reflex response to maintain the desired sail shape it was designed for. 

80% Carbon Fiber
Color coded mast sizes
Two Piece
Constant Curve
Chinook Two Year Warranty

Bag sold separately

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