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Chinook RDM 100% Carbon XD Mast

Size: 340

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Size: 400

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If you're not sure this mast will work with your sail, give us a call at 727-656-6569!

Chinook 100% Carbon RDM Xtreme Durability Windsurfing Mast 

Expect performance and a light weight feel in your hands with the Chinook 100% Carbon fiber RDM XD mast. This is a 2-piece, reduced diameter windsurfing mast made of pre-preg construction. High strength 100% carbon fiber is used to build a thicker wall that is wrapped is biaxial carbon. This construction gives you a "Roll Cage" effect to protect highly tensioned fibers from point leads and impact. With full carbon content in your windsurfing mast, you gain more control of the sail because it is lighter and there is reduced inertia over the rig. 

The Chinook 100XD RDM mast has constant curve bend characteristics which work perfectly with the majority of sails on the market. High carbon content also provides supreme reflex response to maintain desired sail shape.

100% Carbon Fiber
Color coded mast sizes
Two Piece
Constant Curve
Chinook Two Year Warranty

Bag & shim sold separately