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Duotone Platinum Aero 3.0 Series (RDM)

Size: 370cm

Price:  $ 939.95 
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Size: 400cm

Price:  $ 959.95 
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Size: 430cm

Price:  $ 979.95 
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Duotone Platinum Aero 100% Carbon RDM Mast

Whether in flat water or in moderate surf, this mast from Duotone will make any rig light as a feather and super responsive.  The Platinum Aero is a 100% carbon mast made of T900 carbon offering increased flex values and a more resistant construction allowing the mast to take a beating in even the most extreme conditions allowing riders to focus on their riding rather than worrying about their rig snapping in half.  While this mast is as sturdy as technologically possible, it still allows for unprecedented levels of handling, reflex, and reaction speed letting you reach the next level in your sailing experience. 

The Platinum Aero RDM mast is a reduced diameter mast making it lighter and easier to handle both the mast and the overall rig. A lighter windsurfing mast translates to better sailing control, quicker sail handling, and means less work for you overall! (You can sail that extra hour because you didn't overwork with a heavy mast and heavy rig!) This mast works great with most sails that have a constant curve. The RDM mast also make rigging much easier than any standard diameter mast. And even though it is super light, this mast still has great durability and comes with Duotone's unrestricted two-year warranty!  These are 2 piece masts and each Duotone mast comes with a padded bag.