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Maui Sails Gladiator RDM Mast

size: 340cm

Price:   $ 395.00   $ 299.00  
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size: 400cm

Price:   $ 440.00   $ 324.00  
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Will this mast be compatible with your sail?  Just give us a call at 727.656.6569 if you aren't sure!

Maui Sails Gladiator 75% Carbon Windsurfing Mast

The Maui Sails Gladiator masts are 75% carbon for an awesome combination of light weight and durablity- the must-haves for a solid windsurfing mast. This is a reduced diameter, 2-piece mast that is composed of 75% pre-preg carbon. Taken from Maui Sails previous line up of the SRS Wave 75%, this new mast has added kevlar around the bottom section which increases strength and impact durability. This also improves the wear and evens pressure point distribution from boom clamps and cam pressure. 

This mast has the right qualities to blend well with wave, freewave, freestyle, and even smaller freeride sails. The characteristics of this mast also make your sail feel more responsive and super light in your hands. Great for sail handling and even better for easy rigging. The Gladiator mast is  a refined version of the classic Maui Sails SRS masts that have worked so great for so long! The bend has changed slightly from the pre-2014 masts, but the new masts are still compatible with (and even increase the performance of) pre-2014 sails.  These masts are also more compatible with other sail brands than the maui sails masts used to be.
Maui Sails Gladiator Ultra RDM Mast Specs
Maui Sails Gladiator RDM Mast Specs