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S2 Maui Freespeed 75 Mast SDM (2020)

size: 430 cm

Price:  $ 510.00 
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size: 460 cm

Price:  $ 545.00 
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S2 Maui Freespeed 75 SDM Mast

S2 likes to keep it simple with their masts offering the best combo of lightweight and strength depending on its purpose.  In this case,  for freeride.  

The S2 Freespeed 75 windsurfing mast is built for perfect synthesis with the Banchee sails.  This is a 75% carbon mast which is light weight, responsive and durable.   

Kevlar reinforced bottom sections help to distribute load and provide impact protection making them very durable.  They are built with a versatile constant curve bend and 100% carbon prepreg construction.  This makes them incredibly responsive and dynamic and they breathe and accelerate with every gust.   Their masts are compatible with other constant curve brands.  The bend percentages range form 63-65 on the bottom to 74-76 top depending on the model and size.

You want a mast that is lightweight and responsive while windsurfing and this is great for those perfect freeride sessions.