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Severne ARC 75% SDM Mast

size: 430cm

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size: 460cm

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size: 490cm

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Severne ARC 75% SDM Windsurfer Mast

If you want a good compromise between weight and what it costs - this is the mast for you!  The Severne ARC is made with 75% Toray pre-preg carbon. The carbon composition combined with the added dual outer layers of fiberglass make this a very strong mast. The Severne ARC is built on an Apex mandrel which minimizes resin to save weight and maximizes durability. Severne boasts that the ARC is one of their strongest SDM masts in their line up!  While strong, this mast is very light- a great characteristic that makes up-hauling the sail and handling the sail during tacks and jibes much easier!

This is a 2-piece standard diameter mast that works really well for recreational racing and freeride windsurfing. This mast works incredibly well with the Severne Gator and Convert sails, but it will work well with other branded sails that require a constant curve. With the Severne ARC, you get an all around great durable mast that has the weight savings and performance advantages of a higher carbon content windsurfing mast!


The APEX mast has an added fibreglass outer layer which makes it less susceptible to impact damage.
The Apex taper has smaller diameter mid-sections with increased wall thickness for increased reliability.


Severne ARC Mast Specs 

severne arc mast dimensions