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Aerotech Action Rig

Size: 3.5 Blue

Price:  $ 438.00 
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Size: 4.0 Yellow

Price:  $ 508.00 
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Not sure if this rig will work with your board - give us a call, we're happy to help!

Aerotech Action Rig

A complete windsurfing rig (sail, mast, boom, mast foot, and all lines) that will work great with your long board or learning board. The Action sail from Aerotech has durable dacron construction, so it will last for many summers. More resistant to UV than a monofilm sail, the dacron is also tougher around sharp sticks or rocks on the beach. Designed to be easy to use and easy to rig, this is a great option for your beach house or lake house sailboard. Comes with a 2 piece mast, aluminum boom with clamp-on front end, mast extension, mast foot, uphaul and other rigging lines. Comes in assorted bright colors that are easy to spot on the water and comes in a size for almost anyone!