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Duotone E Pace rig package (2022)

size: 6.2

Price:   $ 1,400.00   $ 1,191.00  
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size: 7.3

Price:   $ 1,400.00   $ 1,199.90  
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size: 7.8

Price:   $ 1,400.00   $ 1,239.00  
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Duotone E Pace rig package

This Duotone E-Pace rig package includes a Duotone E-Pace,   Chinook aluminum Euro pin extension, Duotone Silver boom, and Duotone Silver mast. Sails below 7.3 come with an Duotone RDM silver 70% carbon masts (However if you want the Duotone SDM 430 Silver mast, just let us know). 7.3m and up come with a Duotone SDM 460 Silver 70% mast.  We can upgrade the mast to the Duotone Gold 90% rdm or SDM mast as well.

Duotone describes the E Pace as exactly the kind of athletic freeride sails that makes windsurfing so fun and uncomplicated: easy to rig, quick to accelerate and get into planing without pumping. Paired with competitive speed potential and the playful handling of a no-cam sail. This is pure windsurfing, with lots of thrust, speed AND the special simplicity even for the most sporty driven maneuvers. 

The Duotone 3 in 1 design has a greatly reduced luff curve, which is almost straight in the upper area, the downhaul tension has a major influence on the loose leech - and in turn on the character of the sail, depending on the trim. With a big range of downhaul settings the E-Pace can be tuned for your specific conditions. On the minimum setting it accelerates very powerfully with the slightest wind pressure and feels incredibly light - ideal also for foiling. On max trim, however, it offers endless speed and control even when overpowered thanks to its pronounced loose leech.
The perfect freeride sail for all waters and conditions, combining handling and rigging advantages with a crisp, direct feel and harmonious, sparkling power delivery. Offering lot of fun, confidence, control and wonderfully easy windsurfing.