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Severne Redback Rig

size: 3.0m

Price:  $ 949.00 
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size: 3.4m

Price:  $ 949.00 
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Includes sail, mast, and boom.

Severne Redback Complete Rig

Kids and small framed windsurfers finally have a top notch, high performance sail option with the Severne Redback! With materials and performance features similar to the Severne S1, the Redback is sized and shaped for smaller riders. The boom cutout is optimized for boom height placement on people less than 160cm (5'2") tall and the clew is lower as well. By matching the rig’s geometry with rider height, control and performance are enhanced. This is a real flexing sail, built on scaled down technology allowing even the smallest sailors to push their limits. Sizes 2.6 and down use 3 battens for minimal weight. The larger sizes, 3.0 to 4.7 are based on the S-1 with 4 battens for improved stability and wind-range. All sizes use premium eM3 materials for maximum performance.

The mast and boom that come included with the rig are very lightweight and sized for kid's small hands. Don't let heavy gear hold your kids back from being rippers!