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Starboard Waterman WindSUP Compact Rig

size: 4.5m

Price:  $ 699.00 
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size: 5.5m

Price:  $ 799.00 
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size: 6.5m

Price:  $ 799.00 
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Starboard Compact WindSUP Rig Package

The Starboard Compact rig is a perfect compliment to an inflatable paddle board that can be windsurfed.  Designed to maximize the power in light wind, this rig is light, easy to rig, easy to use and will have you gliding across your lake or bay in no time.  The WindSUP Compact uses a four-piece mast and a three-piece boom to fit into a more compact bag.

The preferred option for traveling windsurfers and those with limited storage space.

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