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Severne Blade (2016)


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Severne Blade- High Performance Wave Sail

The Severne Blade is a 100% x-ply wave sail that is the perfect balance between power and control.  Very strong and very light, the Blade is entirely built from proprietary X-Ply laminates specifically designed for each area of the sail: lightweight eM3 body panels, Dyneema X-Ply window and heX-PLY foot. With reduced swing weight on the top, the Blade is an easy to maneuver, responsive, and powerful sail! As one of our go-to wave sails here at the shop, the Blade feels perfectly at home riding down the lines of waves or catching air for those bump and jump conditions!  
Blade Sail Specs
2016 Severne Blade Windsurfing Sail Specificatons