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Chinook Powerglide

size: 5.5m

Price:   $ 499.00   $ 425.00  
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size: 6.5m

Price:   $ 591.00   $ 499.00  
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size: 7.5m

Price:   $ 629.00   $ 525.00  
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Colors may vary. Not sure if this is the right sail for you?  Give us a call at 727-656-6569 and we can help you find the sail that will work best for you!

Chinook Powerglide Sail for the Advancing Windsurfers

The Chinook Powerglide sail is an Ezzy designed, dacron and x-ply sail that is durable and easy to use.  The smaller sizes of sails are engineered for small sailor or kid use, while the bigger sails are ideal for teens and adults who are beginning to windsurf. With quality materials, the Powerglide is light, responsive, and durable making it a great first sail for your quiver. The Powerglide also comes in a complete rig package so you don't have to go through the worry of piecing your rig together. If you are new to windsurfing and want to advance your skills, we offer lessons and rentals in the local St. Pete Beach area.
PowerGlide Sail Specs
Chinook Powerglide Windsurfing Sail Specs