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North Sails S_Type SL (2018)


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North Sails S_Type 

Find your speed limit with North Sails S_Type Slalom sail! The S_Type is made with North's No.Compromise.Design which guarantees the ideal combination of power and forward pull without loosing stability/wind-range. The luff.lift.panel also get this sail planing early with easy acceleration by having more profile in the upper luff. This slalom sail also has rotating switch cams (option for 2 or 3) and size dependent battens that give you the best combination to match the range of use. Engineered to hold all the power and still give you control, the S_Type is sure to be your new favorite windsurfing slalom sail. To add to the greatness, North Sails offers 2 year warranty!

Not sure if your mast or boom will work? Give us a call at 727.656.6569 and we can make sure you get the right gear!

S_Type SL Tech Specs

North Sails S_Type SL Sail Specs