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Severne Blade (2018)


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Severne Blade Windsurfing Wave Sail

The 2018 Blade is the perfect combination of power and control for your windsurfing rig.  Built totally out of x-ply and having double stitched seams, this 5 batten wave sail is amazingly durable but also light weight. SpiderFibre technology has radically reduced the swing weight while also creating a much stronger clew. The new Dyneema window X-Ply is easier to see through and the upper panels in eM3 reduce swing weight. With heavy duty heX-Ply where you need it most, in the foot of the sail, it has great impact strength. An upgrade from 2017, the new Blade is constructed with eM4 material in the foot of the sail. This material has twice the amount of X-ply fiber and increased thickness to maintain puncture resistance and tear strength.

Severne Blade Sail Specifications

2018 Severne Blade Sail Specifications