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Severne Freek (2017)


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Severne Freek Freestyle Sail

Severne Freek windsurfing sail specifically built for freestyle.  The 2017 Freek is designed to give maximum lift, stability and easy ducking for the best performance while showing off your latest tricks. Higher aspect ratios improve lift, the 5 batten layout means more stability and wind-range, and by utilising our high-tech materials technology actually weighs less than most 4-batten sails. For 2017, a more dynamic relationship between luff curve and seam shaping enables the 2017 Freek to inflate further and faster for increased power and explosive pop, whilst still going neutral for reliable duckability. Higher skin tension adds stability. Dedicated freestylers will rig the Freek with less downhaul with a tighter head for maximum lift, freestyle wave riders may use more downhaul for more control in a wider range of conditions.

2017 severne freek freestyle windsurfing sail specs

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