Severne Gator ('16/'17)


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New for 2017, the blue/red color.  No other changes from the 2016 model.

Severne Gator Freeride Sail

The Severne Gator is a great freeride windsurfing sail, no matter what the conditions!  This no-cam sail has x-ply construction for great durability and the design gives great performance. The core principles are durability, manoeuvrability and a consistent feel across all sizes. Every size is designed to echo the demand of the aggressive freeride rider no matter what the wind conditions. The perfect sail for plug and play rigging simplicity combined with lifelong durability. The smaller sizes feature a higher cut foot and geometry biased towards wave and high wind bump and jump. Larger sizes have a lower cut foot to generate more drive in lighter winds but still maintain the light, throw about feel.


2016 severne gator specs