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Severne XS-3 Kids Rig Package

Size/Package: 3.6m Package

Price:  $ 750.00 
Out of Stock

Size/Package: 4.1m Package

Price:  $ 760.00 
Out of Stock

Size/Package: 3.0m Sail Only

Price:  $ 335.00 
Out of Stock
Severne XS-3 Rig Package

The XS-3 is a dedicated performance rig from Severne designed for kids to them get into the sport of windsurfing and shred just as hard as the adults.  With this in mind the XS-3 sails have a lower clew and boom cutout along with lower skin tension (more flexible) letting ligther kids have more control of the sail.  The XS-3 is sold as a package for simplicity and compatibility, but, can also be bought in individual parts.