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Duotone Center Vario harness lines

Duotone Harness Lines Center Vario 24-32"

If you're windsurfing, you'll need a harness and harness lines.  These windsurf harness lines offer a great range of adjustment.  The 24-32" range covers what most riders prefer.  These have 8" of adjustment allowing you to adjust your harness lines according to the conditions.   Duotone has taken adjustable harness lines even a step further with the ability to adjust on both ends. Now, when you are making them as short as they will go your harness lines won't be hanging unevenly. This also makes for quick and easy adjustments if you have someone else sharing your rig.  What's that mean for you?  Easy and wide range of adjustment to help you enjoy more water time without struggling with your gear.

Key Features:

  • 2 Composite buckles Non corrosive buckles on both sides allowing you the biggest range of flexibility to adjust your harness lines.  Get those lines exactly where you need them.
  • Length Specific Construction: Lines are constructed line specific making you sure you are getting the correct amount of swing.
  • High Density Tube: Low-stretch rope with 2mm high-density PU tubing ensuring your harness lines live a nice long life.
  • Rubber Patch: Inside there is a rubber patch that helps avoid twisting on the boom tube.