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Epic Gear Foil Cover

size: 100cm

Price:  $ 45.00 
Out of Stock

size: 120cm

Price:  $ 52.00 
Out of Stock
Foil cover only, does not include foil
100 fits 80cm wide wings and 100cm long fuselage
120 fits 90cm wide wings and 120cm long fuselage

Epic Gear Wind Foil Cover

Made in different sizes to fit just about every foil on the market! With a pocket on the top side, you have a place to stash away allen wrenches, extra screws and other hardware. Designed so you can have the wings fully protected with the mast attached, or if you remove the wings/fuselage from the mast there is a built in pocket to stow the mast! 5mm padded foam for excellent protection of your carbon or aluminum foil.


Size Dimensions
80 60cm wing x 80 cm fuselage
90 70cm wing x 90 cm fuselage
100 80cm wing x 100 cm fuselage
120 90cm wing x 120 cm fuselage