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2020 Starboard Rio Long Tail w/ Chinook PowerGlide Rig

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If you are just getting into windsurfing, we offer beginner to advanced lessons in St. Pete Beach area close to Clearwater and Tampa, FL!

Starboard Rio Long Tail w/ Chinook PowerGlide Rig

The Starboard Rio Long Tail has set the standard for an entry level board that will help you progress to planing and getting in the footstraps.  Refinements in the board's shape allow for better glide and more stability.  The 3/4 length EVA foam deck is friendly on feet and knees and has great traction. This board is a great option for families who have different levels of windsurfers or for individuals who want the board that they can progress with as they get better. The volume makes this windsurfing board extremely forgiving as you start, but the shape allows you to get up and planing in the right wind conditions. The Rio comes with Starboard's ArmourTech construction- an extremely tough and durable build that was meant to last as you learn to progress. This technology uses layers of three dimensional glass mat wetted out with an expanding epoxy resin system that creates volume within the skin as it cures under pressure and adds an ASA skin shell on top. 

Paired with a Chinook Powerglide rig - you have a complete package with everything you need set out learning to windsurf with great, modern equipment that will help you every step of the way! The Chinook rig package comes with an epoxy mast, aluminum extension, aluminum boom and mast base.The PowerGlide rig includes:
- Chinook Epoxy/Composite mast
- Chinook Sport Boom
- Chinook Aluminum Euro-Pin Extension
- Single-bolt Euro-Pin Mast Base
- An Uphaul