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Ezzy Zeyphr with Kona Board package

sail color: Blue

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sail color: Orange

Price:   $ 3,400.00   $ 3,223.00  
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Ezzy Zeyphr with Kona Board package

This package comes with everything you need to have a good time on the water. The Ezzy Zephr is Ezzys take on a sail for long boarding, with exceptional tunning range and Ezzys durable construction the Zephyr is a great sail. When paired with the exceptional glide and performance of the Kona board this package will be  great in winds from 5 knots all the way through 20.

the Rig

Back to our roots. The Zephyr takes us back when you could go out in 10 knots or less and have a really fun time. The long boom length combined with the stable profile gives the Zephyr the power of an 8.5 and the control of a 6.5 with the single 7.5 size.

Specifically designed for longboard performance.

Powerful low end combined with a very light feel and amazing top speed capability as well. (we’ve had it up to 36.7 mph) Perfect for boards like the RRD Longrider, Exocet Kona and WindSUP, Mistral Equipe, and other longboards where the sailor is looking for simplicity, stability, performance and durability.

New seam shaping.
The Zephyr has a camber-like profile without using cams. The Zephyr has a deep and draft forward foil which is what you want for light air sailing. For stronger wind, apply more outhaul to flatten the profile, and the Zephyr becomes a perfect high wind Freeride sail.

Easy to rig. To take the guess work out of rigging, the Zephyr has color coded outhaul and downhaul indicators.

Built to last. The Zephyr contains no monofilm. The Technora® leech panel provides low stretch along the leech. The new Tri-Lite scrim cloth in the center panel is lightweight and strong. The lower panels and luff panels are built with our super tough Spectra® X Film. The battens are RBS® epoxy. The Zephyr also has a vinyl window for durability and perfect visibility.