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Fanatic Viper with Aerotech Motion Rig

2022 Fanatic Viper w/ Aerotech Motion Windsurfing Rig

The Fanatic Viper has become the standard for a versatile, easy-to-use, easy-to-progress on windsurf board!  The slightly longer outline gives a great feeling of gliding across the water in lighter winds and enhances the up-wind performance (less walking back to where you started from!) and the soft deck is easy on the feet and knees. For learning to windsurf, progressing to being an intermediate windsurfer, or just a casual sailboard to use on the weekends - the Fanatic Viper is the board for you.

The Vipers are available in 5 sizes; 70, 75, 80, 85, or 91. The size is the width of the board in centimeters, so the wider the board, the more volume and the more stable. Bigger people will want the bigger sizes, smaller people the smaller sizes. The daggerboard ensures that you will be able to windsurf up-wind and helps the board be more stable for the beginner.  Add a rig package for everything to need to get out on the water windsurfing!

The 2022 Aerotech Motion Rig gives you high quality beginner gear at a great price! Both sails are slightly shorter than standard 5.5m or 6.5m sails which allows them both to fit on a 400cm mast. This makes the sail lighter and easier to handle for the progressing or beginner windsurfer. The sail is composed of 100% x-ply for a lightweight durable rig. The Motion comes with the sail, mast, boom, uphaul, outhaul, mast base and extension.

The Motion sails are brightly colored giving you great visibility on the water-another added benefit for beginning windsurfers! Each rig package also comes equipped with a an oversized bag that fits the entire rig and all components so it easy to take your kit to and from the water.

2018 Aerotech Motion Rig Specifications