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Goya Surf Trainer 260 with Nova Rig

Goya Surf Trainer 260 with Bic Nova 6m Rig

If you’re learning to windsurf and looking for your first  board, the Goya Surf Trainer is a great choice.  It’s a perfect entry level/beginner board that will be there for your windsurfing firsts (from uphauling to planing in the footstraps) to mastering the basics.  It’s a board that you can grow with as you keep advancing.  This board is light and very durable and we think it’s a really solid choice for your first board.

  • The deckpad is extra thick to keep up with all the water time it will get and provides a little more cushion for your knees. It is color coded so you can easily learn or teach others foot placement.  The dark gray is your uphaul zone and the early stages stance while the white area is your advanced stance and entry strap zone.  It’s these little details that make this board not only great for learning, but also great for teaching. Dedicated pad grooving and EVA density zones are tailor made for multiple skill levels.
  • EVA rails
  • Integrated nose protector, making sure the board survives some of the dings that it will get.
  • Multiple straps as well as a nose and tail handle.
  • Wood sandwich construction. Wood + Fiberglass = tough and durable.
  • The technology and materials in this board ensure that it is light, durable and enjoyable. 

The Bic Nova rig is great for recreational sailing on flat water.  It is simple, light, and strong - this rig allows you to learn the basics of windsurfing and improve your skills.  The 6.0m SUP size is ideal for cruising on a windsurfable-SUP board! The components on this rig are very durable and can be counted on as you put them to the test in your beginning stages of windsurfing. The sail is made out of tough dacron material which also takes on a great shape in light wind to get you going. The mast and boom are fixed lengths so there is no complications added to rigging your sail- you just downhaul to the base and attach the front end and outhaul of the boom and you are ready to go windsurfing! 

The Nova sail and rig is a great option for families who want well-performing recreational gear that will last at a good price. They can also be used as rental rigs for light wind sailing or teaching beginning lessons because they are so simple and durable.