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Mistral Windsurfer LT Race w/ Rig Package


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Mistral Windsurfer LT with Windsurfer One Design 5.7 Rig Package

Pair the Mistral Windsurfer LT with the racing centerboard and a Mistral Windsurfer 5.7 rig for the complete one-design race combination with a retro look and feel but modern performance! Class legal for Windsurfer LT one-design racing and the great looking retro M-dot graphics. This combination will have great glide across the water and is easy to set up - perfect for your lake or beach house so everyone can have fun on the water. 
The new Windsurfer LT is the replacement to the original Windsurfer.  The board is wide, lighter and higher volume than the original also functioning as a standup paddle board.  The board is ideal for One Design racing all around cruising, entry level use, and SUP.  The windsurfer LT keeps all of the fun of the original board but with many modern improvements like 3/4 EVA deck plus light stiff construction and a modern daggerboard and power box. 

Race - The One Design is the class racing board and offers high performance light wind sailing.  The new board is quick to plane and with its large daggerboard it is very fast even in light winds.

The Rig -   The 5.7m soft centered sail is made from mylar/dacron and has 3 battens. It is light and generates plenty of power to propel your Windsurfer LT board in light to moderately strong wind conditions. This is also the class legal one-design rig for the Windsurfer LT racing class.
The package comes complete with a 2-piece 40% carbon mast, modern clamp on adjustable boom and fixed base extension with 1-bolt EP base.