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Phantom Foil Slalom Package

sail size: 6.5

Price:  $ 7,800.00 
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sail size: 7.5

Price:  $ 7,947.00 
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Shipping to your nearest freight terminal is $125. If you would like to have it shipped to your home or business please contact us for an additional freight quote. (727) 656-6569

This setup includes everything you need to go 30+ knots at a great value. Phantom foil slalom gear is high quality PWA proven equipment made to go fast.

The sail:

          The Iris R mk2 is a no compromise racing sail designed for the new PWA foil format. It is based on the latest developments we have made with Nico Goyard, it now features 6 carbon battens providing an even better stability and a reduced weight.

The foil:

The Iris X is the beast of the foiling playground. It has the same ‘R’ genes, with the same design but with a more affordable 5cm shorter mast made of M40J high modulus carbon prepreg mast and T700 carbon prepreg wings.

The X windfoil is a terrific blend of stability and performance, developed to win foiling races and turbo charge your freerace sessions.

The Iris X will set your sailing spot on fire !

The board:
 Iris X mk2 85 is based on the PWA foil slalom board in a more durable construction shaped to maximize control and top speed.

Package also includes: Duotone power xt extension, XO carbon boom, and Severne mast base.