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Slingshot Levitator V1/ Hover Glide FWIND V3 Foil Package

Slingshot Levitator / Hover Glide FWIND V3 Foil package

Jump into the world of foiling with this quality package of the Slingshot Levitator board and Slingshot Hover Glide FWind2 Foil! Both products offer outstanding maneuverability, yet great stability, providing a fun experience for beginners and more advanced riders alike!

The Board
The Levitator board is considered a perfect board for beginners; the style has replaced a pointed nose with a more rounded nose and longer length to help you plan ahead while riding and reduce the possibility of pearling the board if the foil pops out of the water, making it a great confidence builder. The Levitator also offers a change in construction from the 2018 Slingshot windsurf foil boards, creating a lighter board without compromising durability so it can handle the high torque that comes with riding a foil.
slingshot levitator specs

The Foil
The FWIND V3 Foil is a great all around foil. This foil takes all the good from past models and makes some slight adjustments to improve the riders overall sailing experience. First, this foil comes with the new Infinity 76 front wing allowing riders to get up and going even sooner while also improving stability helping new riders have a cleaner ride and helping them gain more confidence in their jibes.  Second, the construction of the foil has changed a bit from the previous year, Slingshot has developed this foil with a carbon-composite construction creating a slightly lighter foil that is much more efficient in the water compared to its predecessor.  Finally, the FWIND will be coming with a 35" mast instead of the 24" of the previous year also includes both a deep tuttle adapter and a pedestal base so you can use it with a variety of windsurfing boards.  This years Fwind now comes with neoprene wing covers and bag for increased protection of the foil and easy transport.