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Starboard Inflatable SUP Windsurfing 11'2" iGO Zen with Starboard Compact Rig package

sail size: 6.5m2

Price:   $ 2,424.00   $ 1,799.00  
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sail size: 5.5m2

Price:   $ 2,374.00   $ 1,749.00  
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sail size: 4.5m2

Price:   $ 2,254.00   $ 1,649.00  
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Includes everything you need to get on the water. complete package

This package includes the starboard Zen 11’2 board with your choice of sail size.

Starboard Inflatable SUP Windsurfing 11'2" iGO Zen SC

Meet the iGO WindSUP  board.  This versatile board makes getting out on the water as easy as pie.  This board is ideal for first timers learning to windsurf or even planing in the footstraps.  This is just an overall great, no fuss board so you can enjoy more time on the water.  One of our favorite features is that you can use it to windsurf with or remove the removable mast track and use it to standup paddle!  This is a great option to teach/learn windsurfing.  The iGO is steady and easy to maneuver, which makes it great for teaching your kids as well.  Invite the whole family it’s time to get on the water.  If you choose to go the SUP route the features are amazing.  The board has more glide than shorter sized boards with its ultra-stable width.  No worries about falling in the water, unless you want to.  Bungees on the nose are included for storing all the important stuff without worrying about it sinking into Davey Jone’s locker.  This board is offered in Deluxe and Zen construction.

Key Features

  • MECHANICAL BOND = STRENGHT + DURABILITY Glue is never forever.  Starboards’ welding technique turns two into one – using heat to bond two separate pieces of PVC into a single solid unit. Heat-welded PVC creates a mechanical bond that’s stronger, lasts longer – and is better for the environment.
  • WOVEN TECHNOLOGY Up to 2kg lighter // Extra Stiff.
  • FULL POWER PLANING Our SUP Windsurfing Inflatables feature our 3D Rail Edge technology, a proprietary 3D elastomer compound that follows the contours of the board and creates a release edge that allows the boards to fully plane yet fold and roll up. Thanks to this 3D Rail Edge, you can accelerate and enjoy the most exciting planing sensation possible on an inflatable board.
  • REMOVABLE MAST TRACK All SUP Windsurfing boards use the new removable mast track system that leaves a flat deck in the paddle board mode.
  • FOOTSTRAP SYSTEM Starboard’s exclusive footstrap insert system uses 7mm thin insert plates that are glued to the board’s surface. The footstraps bolt into the embedded brass plate and two male pins connect through the footstrap for a twist-free fitting.
  • REMOVABLE CENTER FIN  All models have a removable center fin box. Remove the box for an improved paddling experience without the added weight or drag. Attach the box and supplied Drake Shallow center fin to prevent the board from drifting sideways when windsurfing.
    D-RINGS  They also feature two D-rings: one in the nose that acts as a towing eye for easy transport and one in the tail that acts as a leash plug. Paddle boarding without a leash is dangerous and not recommended.
  • RE-COVER BAG All of our SUP WINDSURFING Inflatables are supplied with our new roller-wheeled bag that packs everything away tidily and conveniently. Made of a RPET 450D outer fabric layer made from recycled plastic bottles, in partnership with Waste2Wear. The bottles are chopped into flakes, washed, melted and extruded into yarns and then spun into a fabric. Between 30 to 50 bottles are used per bag. Bottles that now re-enters the market again, without risk of polluting the environment. Ripstop weaving technology improves wear and tear resistance.
  • DOUBLE ACTION PUMP All our Zen boards are equipped with our benchmark V8 Double Action pump. Inflate your board faster and easier with continuous pumping cycles in both down and upward action. Turn the switch and it becomes a single action pump for easy inflation to 18 PSI. Always inflate between 15 and 18 PSI for maximum stiffness and performance.

Starboard Compact WindSUP Rig Package

The Starboard Compact rig is a perfect compliment to an inflatable paddle board that can be windsurfed.  Designed to maximize the power in light wind, this rig is light, easy to rig, easy to use and will have you gliding across your lake or bay in no time.  The WindSUP Compact uses a four-piece mast and a three-piece boom to fit into a more compact bag.  This season offers a new and improved sail design that includes a longer second batten.  

The preferred option for traveling windsurfers and those with limited storage space.

Key Features        

  • UPGRADED BOOM HEAD The boom head clamp has been redesigned for a better fit around the mast, thus requiring less pressure to grip.  The lever is also slightly longer, stiffer and more ergonomic to allow riders of all ages and sizes to close the boom head easily.
  • BOOM CLIP WITH DOUBLE PINS The boom clips with double pins are secure and durable. The boom end uses a loop-n-go system. Loop the rope through the sail and onto the hook. Pull the end and lock it in. Just like on the extension, correct settings for light wind and high wind conditions are marked on the boom adjustment holes to make rigging easy.
  • RDM MAST The Classic uses a two-piece reduced diameter 20% carbon mast and the Compact uses a four-piece reduce diameter carbon mast. The RDM masts are more reliable and make the sails feel smooth and light on the water.
  • R+SDM EXTENSION With the adapter collar, you get an SDM extension. Remove the adapter collar and you have an RDM extension: 2 in 1. The top adapter collar is a screw cap so it won’t get lost. This external lever clicks on in a snap: great for those who want to be able to release the rig from the mast foot and board without getting sore thumbs.  The R+SDM aluminium extension is included for the Compact and Classic 4.5, 5.5 and 6.5 m2
  • HOOK PULLEY  The downhaul 3-roller hook pulley makes downhauling hassle-free.  Downhaul line comes connected to the hook pulley for even faster and simple rigging. Just hook it to the grommet and downhaul all the way.
  • MECHANICAL BASE  The mechanical universal joint is great for inflatable boards as it puts less stress than a conventional rubber joint on the board when the sail is lying flat in the water.
  • BAGS The SUP WINDSURFING Sails come with a bag made of a RPET 450D outer fabric layer made from recycled plastic bottles, in partnership with Waste2Wear. The bottles are chopped into flakes, washed, melted and extruded into yarns and then spun into a fabric. Between 30 to 50 bottles are used per bag. Bottles that now re-enters the market again, without risk of polluting the environment. Ripstop weaving technology improves wear and tear resistance.  The SUP WINDSURFING Compact bag is just 120 cm long
Sail Size (m2) 4.5 5.5 6.5
Mast Length (cm) 385 430 430
Luff Length (cm) 385 434 456
Boom Length (cm) 176 186-188 206-208