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Fanatic Gecko HRS Foil Edition (2019)


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Comes with footstraps and fin (does not come with a foil)
Foil ready deep tuttle fin box
Available soon - call us at 727.656.6569 to pre-order!

2019 Fanatic Gecko HRS Foil Edition

The Gecko Foil Edition that everyone knows and loves now comes in two different constructions with an added bonus of coming with a reinforced deep tuttle foil box in both constructions.  The Gecko HRS foil (133) is the heavier construction while being more budget friendly and the Gecko LTD Foil (120 & 133) keeps that same lighter construction as the 2018 model.  If you are looking for an all-around, freeride windsurfing board that you can also use with a foil this is a great choice.

The 2019 Gecko HRS Foil Edition is an exciting freeride windsurfing board that doubles as a foil board on those light wind days, giving you everything you need to have fun on the water in a variety of wind and water conditions.  The Gecko HRS Foil Edition is new for 2019 and we are thrilled that Fanatic has decided to offer this fantastic board in the HRS construction.  This highly resistant composite technology along with its reinforced nose and durable outer skin allows this board to maximize the strength of its hull while also making it impact/ding resistant from everyday use.  For intermediate riders still learning to utilize the harness and learning to get into the foot straps, the Fanatic Gecko Nose Guard is a nice accessory to add.  This shift from the 2018 Gecko Foil biax fibre/full pvc sandwich light finish technology allows for the Gecko HRS Foil  to be much more affordable while maintaining the performance capabilities of its predecessor.  Just like the regular version of the Gecko, this is a fantastic all-around short board.

Key Features:

  • Foil Specific Gecko (120 & 133)  versions come with a reinforced nose area and strong Deep Tuttle Foil Box
  • Delivered With Tuttle Box Freeride Fin
  • Wide compact outline for early planing and easy maneuvers
  • Increase length and parallel outline creates stability and planing support
  • High Performance scoop rocker line with a higher entry and flat tail release
  • Flat deck transitioning into thinned out rails for the ultimate carving experience with a secure stance
  • Flat panel power V bottom shape with a slight double concave for easy planing and control

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