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Exocet WindSUP Ride 8'11


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If you have questions about foiling or want to try one when you are in our area, just give us a call at 727-656-6569.

Excoet WindSUP Ride 8'11" - The Perfect Water Toy

Finally, the board that will do it all.  The Exocet WS Ride 8'11 is your light-wind wave board for windsurfing, a great surfable SUP, and it has a deep tuttle foil box so you can plug in the foil of your choice and explore even more light wind and small wave surfing territory!  The straight, parallel rails through the mid-point of the board help get it up and planing quick and makes it a surprisingly fast ride.  The dramatically angled tail section gives you the ability to sharply carve on a wave.  In windsurfing mode you have a single rear fin option, with the thruster fins added for SUP performace.  In paddle board mode the slight deck concave and S-rails add the necessary stability.  Even so, this board works best in SUP mode for light to medium weight advanced paddlers.  The deep tuttle foil box is what really makes this board stand apart!  Now you can add a foil and windsurf in the lightest of winds!  The reinforced foil box is compatible with most wind foils on the market - so just add your favorite.  With a long mast track and a wide variety of footstrap positions, the Exocet Ride 8'11" allows you to dial in your kit for the best possible performance. 


  • Best for light weight Advanced to Expert in SUP mode
  • Light wind wave board for Windsurfer
  • Optimized S rail work to decrease rail thickness and maximise the deck flat surface for better stability and optimize paddle mode
  • Dedicated footstraps position to foil effortless


  • Advanced to Expert SUPer, take away around 40 to 60 kg of body weight from the board volume
  • Windsurfer will enjoy using board in single fin mode
  • Forward footstraps position for SUP mode design to find instantly the correct foiling position


  • Carry handle
  • Leash plug
  • 1 CNC G10 center fin
  • FCS Twin fins
  • 3/4 deck pad
  • Reinforced tuttle box