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Fanatic Stingray LTD


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Stingray LTD WindFoil Board

The all new 2019 LTD Stingray is a windsurf foil board that will amaze you with how easy and fun of an experience it offers! This is a perfect board for anyone who has ever thought of foiling as too technical, or those looking to upgrade their experience. All aspects of the Stingray are designed to give you a fun and exciting time on the water. The 100% foil optimized design allows for easy take off and boosted width with parallel rails for maximized comfort and stability in-flight. The scooped nose section combined with bevelled rails ensure smooth touch-downs and forgiving landings. With the Stingray, you have a truly customizable foiling experience with the 4-Way Track System and Tuttle Foil Box options, in addition to an extra long mast track which caters to a variety of sail types.
If you're looking for a thrillingly fun experience, no matter your skill level, the LTD Stingray is the board for you!
Available in both the 125 and 140 sizes.