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Starboard Foil X Starlite (2023)

Starboard Foil X - Easy Windsurf Foiling

Windsurf hydrofoiling – made simple! The Starboard Foil X offers the easiest way to play in the air. This ultra compact board helps you fly through the foil jibes; minimum boardsize, minimum sail size, maximum fly time, maximum fun. With the Foil X, we wanted you to fly onto the foil as easily as possible. Deep cut-aways running down the rail allow the board to glide faster. At the same time, reduced tail volume enhances foil activation. The result: you pop up in light wind with little effort. Knowing that touch downs can be the least pleasant experience of windfoiling, we paid extra attention to make sure you fly with confidence. Now touch downs bounce straight back up, thanks to the wide nose in combination with a foil specific rockerline. Your progress just keeps on coming using the center footstrap to practice your first jumps and freestyle moves. And how about a super stable stance while uphauling the sail? All these features and more come in a versatile board with a compact, balanced shape.

On land, the Foil X stands out with its portability. No matter how small your car is, this board will fit in the back. You’ll appreciate the mini carry-handle on the bottom of the board as you to carry the board and rig stress free into the water. Less hassle. More fun.

Center footstrap position – The middle back footstrap on the 105 and 125 makes these boards more freestyle-friendly and easier if you’re a first time foil user. By keeping the back foot over the centre line and your front foot closer to the rail, it’s easier to stay in control and to keep the board from rolling side to side.

Mini Carry Handle– With the Starboard-exclusive handle feature, carrying board and sail together is easy. The handle is reduced in size to not affect your glide performance and the hollow internal cavity ensures it remains easy to grip and carry. Save your energy for your session.

Endless Windrange – Even with the wind picking up, from 15 to 25 knots or more, and you switching to smaller sails, the Foil X keeps a steady path in the air. This opens up a whole new world with a foiling style that is all about freedom of flight. • Yulex Neoprene – The Drake footstraps are made from Yulex foam with the smoothest fabric for a comfortable feel. Under your feet the 4mm footpads with a diamond grooving pattern will provide a connected feel while ensuring enough grip.

What are the recommended Foils? – The Foil X are compact foil boards designed to foil with smaller, lighter sails. You’ll get the most out of this board with more lifty and maneuverable foils like the Starboard Foil SuperCruiser or the faster, high performance foils like the GT-R.