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Starboard Foil X Wing (2021)

Size: 105 - Wood Sandwich

Price:   $ 2,399.00   $ 949.00  
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Size: 125 - Wood Sandwich

Price:   $ 2,399.00   $ 949.00  
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Size: 145 - Wood Sandwich

Price:   $ 2,399.00   $ 949.00  
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Starboard Foil X Wing Board (2021)

We've all had dreams of flying, so let's make those dreams come true!  Harness the power of the wind in your hands with a sail or wing and silently fly above the water with nothing more than the power of the wind and waves.  This 2-in-1 windsurf foil and wing foil board will get you flying all around your favorite spots.  One board for two sports trims down your quiver and makes it more convenient to get around.  This board design is based off of the Foil X model.  Starboard took all the great features of the Foil X that really worked for windsurf foiling and made some tweaks making it more ideal for wing foiling.  The ultra-compact outline makes it really easy to control, easy to maneuver, and is really light for easy take off.  The extended flat bottom shape accelerates faster, gathers speed quicker so you can reach take off speed with less power.  This increased efficiency just means you'll be foiling more!  The rail cut-aways helps you sink the tail to pop up onto the foil and the wide nose and wide tail keep the board stable.  To convert from wind foil to wing foil you will simply remove the wind foil from the tail and mount the wing foil to the twin US box tracks.  You can also move the footstraps to the wing-foil positions for added control. 


  • Wood Sandwich Construction featuring Australian Pine
  • Windsurf and Wingsurf compatible
  • 2 leash inserts
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to maneuver
  • Efficient design and increased speed mean more time flying and less time schlogging.


Starboard is an environmentally conscience company which is another reason we love them.  Not only is their quality and technology leading the industry, they help to take care of mother earth.  For every board sold, a mangrove is planted and they also have a plastic offset program and Starboard Blue program.  Not only will you be smiling when you're windsurf and wing foiling, but you can smile knowing that you helped plant a mangrove and removed some CO2 from the atmosphere.