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Starboard Ultrasonic


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Starboard Ultrasonic

Get the most out of even the lightest wind day with this new light wind windsurf board from Starboard.  The Starboard Ultrasonic is a foil ready windsurf board that comes with a heavily reinforced deep tuttle fin box, this fin box is slightly larger than a regular tuttle to handle the load forces that come with foiling.  This board is designed to let riders get planing with ease even when there are not that many white caps on the water and pass through lulls without having to worry about slowing down, this works even better when foiling when you need that extra bit of lift to get going.  TheUltrasonic takes the template of the Isonic and changes a few things around, first the Ultrasonic is longer and wider letting the board get up to plane quicker while also making foiling much more forgiving for a progressing rider.  When this board glides on to the plane, the zero tail-kick rocker along with the cut away tail shape limits amount of wet area letting the board have a smooth transition when getting up to plane and providing power for acceleration out of your jibes along with much needed control when you are sailing through chop.  With the slimmer design compared to the Isonic, the Ultrasonic rails have a much more rounded instead of a boxy feel allowing for a much more comfortable right while also not causing a burning sensation in your back thigh when powered up letting you stay on the water for longer. This board comes in two constructions:Flax Balsa and Carbon. 

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