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Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich (2022)

Size: 95L

Price:   $ 2,695.00   $ 1,599.00  
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Size: 135L

Price:   $ 2,695.00   $ 1,599.00  
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Starboard Kode Wood Sandwich

The Starboard Kode is a super versatile windsurfing board that has a confident and smooth ride in choppy conditions. In wave mode, the Kode encourages you to achieve more radical turns than ever before – and get away with it in style. When you are in flat water keep the action happening with the included freeride fin to maximize speed and drive. This board is fun either way. The Starboard Kode is designed to offer you the best onshore wave performance and excel in freeride, freewave and Bump & Jump. Time to play!

The 85, 95 and 105 liters sizes have rounded tails and noses for smooth wave riding and better turning. The larger volume Kode boards are compact, but still have lots of volume. Thin rails help these larger boards ride waves easily. With short nose and tail lengths, the bigger Kodes feel like a much smaller board under your feet, responding much more directly when turning and jumping.

Set up your Kode with the included Drake FreeWave single fin and take it out in any conditions. With this set up the Kode doesn’t need waves to unleash its full potential. The classic single fin configuration provides plenty of speed, early planing and a very directional drive, much like a freeride board. To get even more wave performance out of your Kode, simply use the thruster fin set up that also supplied with the board. You’ll quickly sense how the shorter center fin and side fins add a new dimension of manoeuvrability, grip and stability to your Kode.

Wood Sandwich Construction
A Starboard original, the wood sandwich has 0.6 mm Australian pine laminated deck increases impact strength while natural unidirectional fibres create awesome reflex sensations. With 500 kg/m3 density, the Pinewood absorbs minimal resin leading to a light board and crisp ride feel. The entire board is wrapped in a 3mm PVC sandwich for long term durability and that classic feel under foot. A protective film covers the wood to hinder the sun’s UV impact over time.

85 // Length: 227cm // Width: 60cm // 2x Starbox + 1x US Box

95 // Length: 229cm // Width: 62cm // 2x Starbox + 1x US Box

105 // Length: 229cm // Width: 66cm // 2x Starbox + 1x US Box

115 // Length: 225cm // Width: 66,5cm // 2x Starbox + 1x US Box

125 // Length: 227cm // Width: 69,5cm // 2x Starbox + 1x POWER BOX

135 // Length: 230cm // Width: 71,5cm // 2x Starbox + 1x POWER BOX