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2018 Fanatic Foil Package - Gecko Foil/Flow H9 Foil

Board Size/Foil: 120 liters /H9 Foil

Price:  $ 2,759.00 
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Board Size/Foil: 133 liters / H9 Foil

Price:  $ 2,759.00 
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Package includes board, standard fin, complete foil set up-mast/base/fuselage/wings/screws, and foil bag.

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Fanatic Gecko Foil Board and Flow H9 Foil

The Board: Gecko 120 liters/133 liters
Switching effortlessly between a Freeride Windsurfer and a Foil board, it offers everything you need to just have fun! The Gecko with a foil box is the perfect board to use to try out light wind foiling - and still have an awesome freeride board for standard windsurfing!  The Gecko Foil offers just enough area and lift in the nose to always stay above the surface in the early stages of foiling. Once you’re up and on the foil, the Gecko makes the foiling learning curve easier by being stable and predictable. As it comes in the original Gecko shape, the Gecko Foil remains the same easy Windsurf ‘Funboard’ if you prefer to feel the waters’ surface under your feet. The sizes we’ve chosen for the Gecko Foil (120 & 133) have an increased length and more parallel outline, creating extra stability and planing support. 

120l specs: length:242cm / width:76cm / volume:122 liters 
133l specs: length:246cm / width:78cm / volume: 133 liters  

The Foil: Flow H9 Foil
This extremely user friendly windsurf foil is a great way to start your foiling adventures! The Fanatic Flow H9 is composed of a durable aluminum mast teamed up with carbon compound wings and fuselage to give you the smoothest flight. The aluminum mast provides excellent strength and durability as you learn this new sport, and it allows you to get this awesome toy at a much more reasonable price than other carbon windsurf foils. The Flow H9 comes with a deep tuttle base and an optional feature to add a wedge for increased control, or you can remove the wedge for early lift and flight. The Foil Flow H9 also features winglets to give you increased turn cycle and track stability.

Mast length:85cm / fuselage length:75cm / front wingspan:64.5cm / back wingspan:38cm / deep tuttle box / materials:aluminum-mast/base carbon compound-wings/fuselage

Together: Windsurfing Bliss
You get a rider friendly foil set up that excels in light wind foiling. Smooth and stable on the fly, you will get a whole new appreciation for light wind conditions. Plus, you get to use the same board for standard windsurfing in your favorite free ride conditions! Getting into wind foiling doesn't have to cost a fortune with the Fanatic Gecko Foil board and Fanatic Flow H9 Foil.