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Bic Techno 148 (2019)


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If you are just learning to windsurf and need advice or questions answered - call us at 727.656.6569.  We're always happy to help!

Bic Techno 148 - New Graphics!

Just getting into funboarding? The Bic Techno 148 is one of the best windsurfing boards for lighter weight beginners and intermediate riders! This board thrives in moderate to light winds, with all the ingredients to get you learning fast and having a blast in the water. It's acceleration, speed, and lively handling are what make the Techno 148 consistently popular.
Ace-Tec Technology ensures a durable, yet lightweight board. Front rounded rails allow for easy jibing, while the width and light double concave shapes provide great planing ability.

All-round boards, fast and easy for free ride windsurfing.
- Light double concave shapes, large width: planing ability.
- Round rails on the front: easy jibes.
- ACE-TEC Technology: light and durable.
- High quality Select fin: guaranteed performance.