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Exocet Link

size: M - 170 liter

Price:   $ 1,349.00   $ 1,199.00  
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size: L - 220 liter

Price:   $ 1,349.00   $ 1,199.00  
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Exocet Link Windsurfing Board

The Link comes in different sizes to accommodate different sizes of people and is shaped to make learning to windsurf easy. The full EVA deck is easy on feet and knees and the construction is sturdy enough to stand up to beginners. The short length in combination with extra width makes these boards stable for learning and still fun when the wind pick up a bit. The daggerboard help to ensure that you will be able to sail right back to where you started from. Jump on board and get the feeling of gliding across the water with just the power of the wind!

exocet link specs