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Fanatic Falcon Lightwind (2022)

Fanatic Falcon Lightwind Windsurfing Weapon

We all have the same problem - not enough days on the water.  It's windy when you are at work and not so much when you have time to get to the beach.  The Fanatic Falcon Lightwind is the solution to that problem.  You can get up on a plane in the lightest of wind (with a big sail) and be blasting across the water with all of the excitement of higher wind days.  At 90cm wide, the Lightwind is indeed a lightwind machine with the perfect balance of racing technology for excitement and ease of control. The Falcon Lightwind is foil ready!  With a reinforced deep tuttle fin box, you can add the foil of your choice to get going in even less wind with a smaller sail! 

The optimum combination of weight, stiffness, and flex is created with the biax fiber and PVC sandwich construction.

Key Features

  • Finely tuned fin and mast position for incredibly early planing and acceleration
  • Super efficient cut out design for top control at high speeds
  • Recessed mas tfoot area for maximum control
  • Ergonomic rail design for grip and 100 % power from start to finish
  • Optimized volume flow for balance and easy planing through lulls and gybes
  • Proven rocker delivering top speeds and control
  • Special light wind inserts
  • Including Slalom Choco Fin Black Pearl 50 cm